How to Prepare Danksgiving Dinner!

23 November 2017
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Do you want to create the perfect Danksgiving Dinner for you and your loved ones? Look no further!  We’ve done the research and have put together some simple steps and tips to share with all of you out there who want to indulge in a cannabis infused holiday meal.

Step 1. Prepare Extractions

Because raw cannabis cannot get you high, the key to a cannabis infused meal is a well prepared extraction such as cannabis butter or cannabis oil. To complete this step with ease, we recommend investing in a MagicalButter machine which can be purchased HERE for 174.99. It is the world’s first countertop cannabis extractor and can be used to infuse cannabis into butter, oil, and alcohol which is perfect as all 3 extractions can be used in preparing the perfect Danksgiving dinner.

Here’s a video that shows you how the machine works:

Once extractions are ready your options are truly limitless, next it’s time to get creative with the menu.


Step 2. Create Menu

Reach out to your guests in advance and encourage menu suggestions to make sure there is something for everyone. It’s fun to collaborate with friends and come up with weed inspired items.  We put together a sample Danksgiving menu for inspiration. Have some good ones to share? Tell us in a comment!


Step 3. Cook with Cannabis

Here are some recipes and tips for cooking with cannabis we found on Buzzfeed:

Many turkey recipes call for rubbing the skin of the bird with butter before placing it in the oven. Cannabis Butter can easily replace your regular butter in this step. Continue to baste the bird with the drippings every thirty minutes to make sure every part of that turkey is canna-juicy!

It’s not Thanksgiving without a whole lot of gravy going on. So, why not add cannabis to your favorite gravy recipe? Here’s a simple recipe that calls for butter, which makes it super easy to substitute Cannabis Butter for a very special Danksgiving. Alternatively, you can add some Cannabis-Infused Alcohol (click for recipe) to an already prepared gravy and heat until the alcohol burns off.

Get the recipes:

Roasted Garlic and Mary Jane Mashed Potatoes

Ganja Gravy

Cranberry, Apple, and Ginger Cannabis Chutney

Cannabis Cornbread With Hashish Honey Butter

Pot Pumpkin Bars

Remember that your cannabis extractions can be used as a substitute in any of your favorite recipes that call for butter, oil or alcohol. 

Step 4. Enjoy Responsibly

Please keep in mind that you can always eat more but you can’t undo eating. Moderation is the key to enjoying any cannabis infused meal. Go slow, the cannabis may take a couple of hours to kick in so give it time to feel the effects before eating more. 

If you happen to overdo it and feel too high just remember that you are going to be ok, cannabis is very safe. If you feel the need to vomit then do so, this is common for first timers. The best thing to do when you over consume is to find a calm and comfortable place to relax and ride it out. 

Thank you all for checking in with us. Enjoy the holiday! We appreciate you!

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