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"Our goal is to promote awareness through our education services and to increase acceptance and understanding of using cannabis for medicinal purposes."

At our in-house seminars, we educate the Illinois community about the therapeutic and palliative benefits of medical cannabis. We are on the forefront of a movement and industry that is largely misunderstood. We embrace our responsibility to enlighten the public about existing evidence and emerging research which proves cannabis to be a natural, non-toxic and effective treatment option for many different medical conditions and symptoms.

By promoting awareness through our educational services, we hope to eliminate the stigma attached to using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

We invite anyone who is interested in learning about the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot program or about medical marijuana in general. Each seminar will begin with a presentation that focuses on a specific topic, such as; History of Cannabis Prohibition, Benefits of Cannabis for Epilepsy Patients, and Marijuana Policy Reform in the United States. There will be time for Q and A following each presentation and all seminars include an open discussion where attendees have an opportunity to share personal stories and voice concerns. Our goal is to promote awareness through our education services and to increase acceptance and understanding of using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Upcoming Seminar

Medical Cannabis, The Future of Treating Cancer in a Safe and Natural Way

Tuesday, May 9, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Feliza Castro, CEO & Founder Jonathan Spero, MD, Medical Director, The Healing Clinic Steven Weisman, CEO & Founder, Windy City Cannabis Join Feliza Castro, medical cannabis advocate and owner of The Healing Clinic, as she discusses the potential benefits of cannabinoids for cancer patients. Her presentation will cover the latest research that has emerged on the subject, including recent claims that “cannabis kills cancer.” Feliza will also share testimonies and real experiences of cancer patients who she has helped at The Healing Clinic. The presentation will also include a brief history of medical cannabis in the U.S., an overview of the current laws and the rights of cannabis patients in Illinois. Participants will learn how to talk to their physicians about medical cannabis and whether medical cannabis is right for them.

Registration is required and is at NO COST. For more information or to register, please visit or call 630-323-5150.

Recent Seminars In The News

Medical Marijuana 101

"Suffering from epilepsy, seizures and glaucoma, Robert McCarthy came to the Worth Village Hall on Thursday night to find out how and when he and others would be able to obtain medical marijuana in the Southland..."

Southland medical pot dispenser hosts public meeting

"Four Southland medical marijuana shops are on target to open by the end of the year, but exactly what they'll sell, for how much and, especially, to whom remain very much in question.

The last of those questions will be addressed Thursday night in an informational session in Worth, where one of the dispensaries will be located...."

Recent Praise For THC's Seminars


On behalf of myself and the Wellness House staff and participant community, I cannot express enough how grateful and appreciative we all are of each of you, along with Dr. Spero and Dr. Mike, for your willingness to share your time and expertise with all of us last evening. In addition to a very informative and easy to follow presentation, I truly appreciate your willingness, patience and time in fielding questions from our very inquisitive and diverse participants, especially as the presentation was winding down.

I have started going through our evaluation forms from the event last evening, and the response from our participants is overwhelmingly positive...Seeing the great turnout from last evening and hearing all of the questions was very exciting for my role in the educational programming at Wellness House, and last night is certainly indicative that there is continued, deep need for knowledge in this particular area. We would love to provide this or related opportunities again for our community here and I will continue to be in discussion with Feliza and The Healing Clinic about those ideas.

~Nathaniel Tann, MPH
Oncology Education Associate @ Wellness House

On-Site Private Seminars

The Healing Clinic hosts on-site private seminars for physicians, clinical staff, case managers for non-profit foundations and any other organization that works with patients who qualify and could benefit from the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot program. We understand that many physicians will not be able to certify patients to use medical marijuana, and it is our duty to assume that responsibility. We are happy to conveniently present on location for groups who want to learn more about the new pilot program, our services and how we can work together to help suffering patients.

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Medical Marijuana Pilot Program Act

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