Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling is one of many ways our patients may want to utilize our program of Integrative Medicine. Many qualifying Medical Cannabis patients may experience Gastrointestinal issues. Endocannabinoids are molecules found in the body that closely resemble compounds found in the cannabis plant. Some of the most recent evidence suggests that these compounds have been found to play a role in limiting intestinal inflammation. Patients who have been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) such as Crohn’s have been found to have higher levels of cannabinoid receptors in their colonic tissue. IBD patients are not the only patients who may respond well to Gastrointestinal Cannabis based therapy.The National Cancer Society states that THC may in fact be effective for treating nausea associated with Cancer treatments. The same research has also shown that the Cannabis plant may stimulate appetite. This can be very beneficial to those suffering from HIV/AIDS as well as those experiencing negative side effects from their conditions or medications that may suppress appetite.

Here at The Healing Clinic, we understand that medication and Cannabis based therapy is not the only way to help to reduce the severity of Gastrointestinal symptoms associated with your condition. This is why we have designed a comprehensive Integrative Medicine program which includes Nutritional Counseling. Our Nutritional Counseling Program will act as a support system for your Conventional Medical treatment and Cannabis based therapy in order to help you maintain optimal health and energy. Our registered Dietitians will work alongside with your current Physician in order to create a completely custom program designed around your lifestyle and current treatment program.

Some of the issues that are addressed in Nutritional Counseling may be:

  • Prevention or treatment of nutrition problems, including the prevention of malnutrition, muscle and bone loss.
  • Decrease side effects of cancer treatment and problems that affect nutrition such as nausea and loss of appetite .
  • Keep up and increase the patient's vitality and strength in order to continue further treatments.
  • Help to boost the immune system which is key to fighting and preventing infection.
  • Help the body recover and heal by providing nutrient rich food options.
  • Keep up or improve the patient's quality of life.

Improper diet and lifestyle choices are responsible for many negative health consequences in todays society and can cause further complications for those undergoing medical treatments. Our highly trained and compassionate practitioners can help make your transition as easy as possible. They will help to provide you with the direction you need to make educated life changes in order to decrease Gastrointestinal sensitivities, increase your energy and promote overall well being.

Highly Nourished Services: Monthly Plans

Our Nutritional Counselor, Jen King, works with each client to create a customized step-­by-­step path to wellness. She supports each patient in their dietary and lifestyle journey to feeling highly nourished.

Service Includes

  • 60 minute coaching sessions via person, phone or Skype.
  • Unlimited email support with a 48­hour turnaround.
  • A personalized eating plan that focuses on functional foods supporting relief from chronic inflammation.
  • *For medical cannabis patients only* Personalized cannabis plan to learn how it can support whole health healing. Learn how to medicate for homeostasis.
  • Ongoing motivational and emotional coaching.
  • Recommended recipes and natural food therapies.
  • Recommended lifestyle adjustments.
  • Accountability + space to focus on self and goals.
  • Discover stress management tools that work best for individual.
  • Worksheets, handouts, products, tips and tricks specific to patient needs.
  • Individual coaching services available in one­, three­ or six ­month packages.*

*Clients may choose to extend their services at any time.

  • Two Sessions Total

  • $234
    One Month Plan
  • Two Sessions Per Month

  • $585
    Three Month Plan
  • Two Sessions Per Month

  • $1053
    Six Month Plan

Grocery Shopper Tour

Learn to wisely navigate the grocery store aisles and prepare a shopping list so you buy only what you need to have a well­stocked pantry. This tour will teach you how to read and compare food labels and accurately interpret product health claims, so you can feel confident that you are choosing the healthiest foods for your family. Put an end to the days of aimlessly walking the grocery store aisles. Shop with confidence, knowing you are choosing the best foods to support your health­-related goals.

Service Includes

  • Navigate through the grocery store, identifying proper items to choose in each aisle.
  • Fundamentals of clean food selections.
  • Clean Food Shopping List.
  • See ­through the deceptive marketing tricks the store uses to get you to buy.
  • Read and prioritize the facts on a nutrition panel to choose foods accordingly.
  • Read and understand a produce label without falling victim to marketing traps.
  • Learn about natural sweeteners and best alternatives.
  • Intro to new foods (greens, whole grains, legumes, etc.) and how to store/prepare.
  • Techniques for avoiding temptation.
  • Best butcher cuts and significance of hormone/antibiotic-­free proteins
  • Varieties of grains including gluten-­free options and how to use them in meals.
  • Stock a healthy pantry and refrigerator.
  • Shop for local and seasonal foods.
  • Save time and money while shopping.
  • Use organized meal planning and shopping lists to succeed in the grocery store.
  • 1.5 Hour Tour

  • $175
    One-on-One Tour
  • 1.5 Hour Tour

  • $87 pp
    Tour For Two
  • 2 Hour Tour

  • $59 pp
    Group Tour (3+)

Pantry Purge + Kitchen Detox

Clean eating starts with a clean pantry. What are the food demons hiding in your kitchen? Organize your pantry and fridge, and get rid of those bad foods that are over processed, filled with artificial ingredients, and derail your healthy goals. We will work together to discuss what to keep, what to toss, and healthier substitutions for those items you just can’t live without. Learn the essentials of healthy staples to have on hand at all times. In the end, you’ll be fully equipped to determine if it stays or if it goes.

Service Includes

  • Kitchen assessment checklist.
  • 2 hours with me in your kitchen.
  • Help with purging your pantry and organizing what stays and what goes.
  • Create a personalized shopping list for re­stocking your kitchen with your essentials and nutritious foods.
  • Safer product recommendations.
  • Identifying potential toxins in your kitchen.
  • Educating you on their harmful effects and safer alternatives.
  • One 30­minute follow­up call where you can ask any questions or get further recommendations.
  • The detox comes with goodies: a selection of healthy pantry staples to replenish the newly detoxed kitchen.
  • $457
    Pantry Purge + Kitchen Detox
  • *Travel cost may apply outside city radius

Meet Jen King

The Healing Clinic offers Nutritional Counseling services to our patients and the Illinois public. Read more about Jen King and her holistic services on our website at

Jen King is a Health + Medical Cannabis Coach at Highly Nourished, a holistic wellness practice concentrating on healing patients from the inside out. Jen works closely with each patient in order to reframe the idea of nutrition into purposeful eating using food as medicine. Her training is based in the principles of bio-­individuality and biochemical individuality. Both refer to the unique nutritional and life needs each person has based on their genetics, lifestyle and environmental exposure to various stresses. Jen works with each patient helping to integrate a tailored sequence of cleansing and detoxing in efforts to relieve chronic illness, inflammation and pain.

Jen has been trained in the complexities of the cannabis plant receiving her level 2 Interpening certification through the TriChrome Institute. She acts as a patient consultant as well as an in­house holistic health expert at New Age Care medical cannabis dispensary. There she works with patients looking to expand their new found medicated relief into whole health awareness, taking cannabis therapy into deeper layer of healing.

From single sessions that focus on a narrow and targeted subject, to a customized six-month program offering a more in­depth and sustainable transformation, Jen offers one-on-­one coaching sessions tailored to each individual client, meeting them wherever they are in their health journey. She works with those looking to manage the symptoms that are currently managing them. Jen often serves as a liaison between clients and doctors to empower patients with the correct terminology to communicate with their health care team, offering greater opportunity for healing and recovery.

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