THC Official Launch Party at Wandering Muse 2

10 December 2014
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Our launch party was last Friday, December 5th at Bevy Chicago and it turned out to be an amazing event.

Wandering Muse II took place on the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition which was a perfect opportunity for us to announce our presence as Chicago’s leading advocates for the medical cannabis movement.  It was hosted by Chicago Scene and Vicarious Venues, two Chicago companies known for throwing epic parties.

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The venue was transformed into an exhibition of art done by local talent. There were beautiful works displayed on every wall and a couple of artists, Alicia Post and Sarune Pucinskaite, set up stations to create some pretty incredible pieces during the event.

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The live music was an integral addition to the party. Three local bands played throughout the evening to a happy and pleased crowd. We couldn’t help but dance along all night and everyone was in agreement that the music sounded great.

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AyOH played first and their song “Help Me” got the crowd in a good mood. Cellrs went on around 10 and their set was perfect for the ambience. Their song, “Spoon Fed” was definitely a favorite! Audiobakery  left a lasting impression on the audience with their stimulating performance. Listen to their music here, they some really rad songs. All of these guys made the night unforgettable.

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It was a great turnout so we had the pleasure of making many new friends that night and even signed up a few patients. We are so happy that we were able to celebrate the launch of The Healing Clinic and the beginning of a long overdue and much needed medical cannabis program here in Illinois with such a genuinely nice group of people.

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Thank you so much to everyone who made it out and for everyone involved in putting together such a memorable experience!

*Special thank you to Ray Thompson for providing these wonderful photos.

We appreciate you.

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