How to Stay Healthy at Outdoor Festivals

13 June 2016
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How to stay healthy at outdoor festivals. Read more at thehealingclinic.org

Each summer, festivals transform a warm summer day into an event filled with music, food and fun.

These festivals often take place over the span of a long weekend, leaving three or four days for fans to be out in the sun and heat. Often, the amount of people attending these festivals is staggering, leaving campgrounds swarming with people who come in by the thousands to enjoy the festival atmosphere.

What Should I Bring to a Festival?

Festival season is upon us and with the great times and music come the scorching heat and sun.  These elements can potentially lead to the damaging effects of dehydration, sunburn/sun poisoning, and discomfort caused from noise and sleeping in an uncomfortable place. It is important in these circumstances to gather the essentials before your trip to a festival to ensure a positive experience.

As far as festivals go, keeping up with an organic lifestyle is possible, even in the most remote locations. We’ve compiled a list of beneficial products to have with you during your next festival experience that are also easily transportable. You can use these products to mitigate the damaging effects of sun exposure and heat for a stress-free, healthy and happy festival experience.

rosewater spray
1. Face refreshment. When out in the heat all day, it can be beneficial to have a hydrating agent for your face and skin. This rosewater spray bottle provides natural rosewater for hydration with a calming effect on the skin and face. Feel instantly refreshed during a particularly active day by keeping this close at hand. The spray allows you to spray it wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Rosewater also has natural healing properties with the ability to balance pH and control excess oil on the skin. Along with the skin benefits of rosewater, a refreshing mist of this rose scent provides mood-enhancing benefits for stress and anxiety relief. Rosewater will be your best friend during the festival season with hundreds of ways to use it everyday. Using it in your hair can refresh after a particularly hot day outside as well as a quick facial toner to clear away dirt and free radicals from your pores.

protective sunscreen

2. Sunscreen. Keeping your skin protected from the sun is paramount during prolonged exposure. The damaging effects of the sun can take place soon after being outside. Even on a cloudy day, the sun’s rays can produce a burn on the skin. Shiseido makes an incredibly protective sunscreen with SPF 50 that is waterproof, sweat-proof, and sebum-proof all while providing protection from UVA and UVB rays. The hydrating hyaluronic acid is natural and hydrates skin. Finding a natural, organic sunscreen can be difficult, but this is a great option for those with sensitive skin who want to remain organic.

cleansing towelettes3. Cleansing Towelettes. Providing your face with a cleanser is important, as cleaning your pores from the dirt and debris at a festival can keep skin feeling and looking youthful and fresh. These sensitive skin cleansing towelettes are natural and fragrance-free with cotton and rice extracts along with aloe for gentle soothing after a long day.

Portable wet wipes
4. Having portable wipes at the festival with access only to portable toilets is a lifesaver, especially when toilet paper isn’t included. These wipes are great for even sensitive skin in an easy-to-travel with package. They are also flushable and septic safe for any location where the benefits of natural wipes infused with aloe, cucumber and chamomile are desired.

5. Hand Sanitizer. Hemp hand sanitizer Pure, organic ingredients are best for maintaining a healthy and sustainable life. Staying clean during festivals is often desired but not always possible.  Find a hand sanitizer like this one, made with 100% natural, pure hemp seed oil with the added benefit of killing 99.9% of germs while leaving hands soft and moisturized. The natural extracts added to the oil only add to the health benefits of maintaining cleanliness on hands when surrounded by people all day. Having a product to kill germs is important when illness can spread so rapidly in a closed environment for a prolonged amount of time. Also, with limited access to running water in portable toilets, you will enjoy the benefits of always having this cleaning product with you.

moisturizing lip balm
6. Lip Balm. While protecting your skin from the sun is important, people often forget about their lips and the drying effects the sun can have on them. Using a moisturizing lip balm with SPF in it will provide protection for your lips with hydration, ensuring healthy and smooth lips. This lip balm is 100% cruelty free, non-toxic, made in the USA, and gluten free for those with gluten sensitivities. It is important to use natural lip balms especially as they have direct access to your mouth, therefore being able to enter your body. Lip balms with toxic chemicals in them can get into your system and are not recommended for those who value organic and ethical lifestyles.
ear protection
7. Ear protection. With the taxing effects of loud music constantly pounding your ear drums ready to take its toll during a long weekend, you’ll be grateful to have some soft foam earplugs to protect your ears during particularly loud times. Prevent the deafening sound with disposable earplugs made of ultra-soft foam that perfectly conforms to your ear for maximum comfort. Having disposable plugs in a variety pack means you won’t run out of them quickly. You can also use them when trying to get some rest between shows or at night.

vitamins and supplements
8. Vitamins and Supplements. Festivals can drain you of energy, water, and nutrients in your body that keep you in balance. Staying healthy during a festival by taking proper measures before attending can be of great benefit. When at the festival, vitamins and supplements are a simple and healthy way to replace those nutrients. While a myriad of vitamin options are out there, there are a few that should be taken to festivals in the summer. Vitamin C for immunity health when surrounded by so many people is crucial. Also bring along some Vitamin E, which is great for preventing against toxins in the air. Vitamin B-100 is another great one with an improvement in cognitive function and mood when consumed. We offer a great timed release complex with a sustainable source of Vitamin B throughout the day. While having a carefree festival weekend, vitamins can help replenish all your energy and health. The food options surrounding festivals are often unfree, sugar-laden, and filled with potential chemicals or unhealthy macronutrients that don’t properly nourish your body. Using these vitamins and supplements can help offset those food choices and allow you to enjoy a carefree weekend.

Using organic products whenever possible can keep your body and skin happy and healthy.

Using products that are created with sustainable practices, whether that be using solar-powered energy or organic ingredients, can go a long way to maintaining a healthy planet. More festivals are incorporating organic and natural practices for a sustainable environment which is minimally invasive to the area, doing their part to effectively rid the grounds of paper waste via recycling. Enjoy your festival experience and come back rejuvenated rather than dehydrated and exhausted after a long weekend of your favorite music or activity. These tips will keep you from suffering during these fun festivals for many years to come.


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