Sugar, not cannabis, is the real villain | Infographic

25 January 2017
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Sugar, not cannabis, is the real villain. ‘They’ say cannabis is bad for your health, that it’s addictive and will kill brain cells. Of course, ‘they’ are the same people who will condemn cannabis while consuming a super-sized soda and half-a-dozen, sugar-choked cookies. Which is actually bad for you and why do ‘they’ have it all so backward?

The problem starts with associations. There are long-standing laws against the use of cannabis. They’ve put people in prison for selling, possessing or using the plant. When someone was caught selling or using cannabis, their friends and relatives were liable to see their names in the newspaper. Crime and punishment were accompanied by a pervasive sense of shame.

Cookies, on the other hand, were offered as rewards by our parents. “If you clean your room, you can have some milk and cookies.” Mom kept the cookie jar filled on the kitchen counter so you could grab a cookie or two when you were feeling a little peckish, or even if you were just a little sad. Grandma was a part of the sugar conspiracy, too. When did you ever visit her and she didn’t show her appreciation and love by serving up a plate of home-baked cookies – cookies filled with an abundance of sugar?

Sugar-packed cookies say ‘love.’ Cannabis says ‘trouble.’ At least, that’s how it has been. Times are changing.

It turns out cookies carry a ticking time bomb that will corrode your arteries and weaken your heart. That time bomb is called sugar – a primary ingredient in cookies, as well as soda, candy and a myriad of other food items. At the same time, scientists and medical practitioners have discovered the healing benefits of cannabis. What are the hazards and benefits of each and how do they stack up against each other?

Here is a list comparing the hazards of sugar vs. cannabis:

Sugar Hazards

  • Contributes to diabetes
  • Robs the body of energy
  • Suppresses the immune system
  • Can cause hypoglycemia
  • Can cause arthritis
  • Contributes to eczema
  • Rots your teeth
  • Can lead to osteoporosis
  • Can cause cancer
  • Contributes to obesity
  • Contributes to heart problems
  • Is highly addictive

Cannabis Hazards

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Dry (Cotton) mouth
  • Slowed coordination
  • False heart rate
  • Memory loss
  • Increased appetite

Here is a list comparing the benefits of sugar vs. cannabis:

Sugar Benefits

  • Can give a boost of energy (but, unfortunately, that is followed by a drop in energy)

Cannabis Benefits

  • Can reduce chronic pain
  • Can provide relief from seizures
  • Can ease nausea
  • Promotes appetite with those undergoing chemotherapy
  • Can alleviate anxiety and depression
  • Can stop the growth of lung, prostate and breast cancer cells
  • Reduces effects of PTSD
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Provides relief from inflammatory bowels
  • Can reduce blood-sugar levels for those with diabetes
  • More

Yes, you can find information on the internet that contradicts these findings. However, you’ll also notice that, if they argue the benefits of sugar, they generally have a motive of wanting you to use sugar. If they argue against the use of cannabis, they are generally motivated by social pressures – the same associations referred to above. You need to decide for yourself. And laws are increasingly giving you that option.

Sugar vs Cannabis

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